Widmanstatten 조직을 가지는 Ti-6Al-4V 합금의 준정적 및 동적 변형거동에 미치는 미세조직인자의 영향 = Effects of Microstructural Parameters on the Quasi-static and Dynamic Deformation Behaviors of Ti-6Al-4V Alloys with Widmanstatten Structures

제어번호 : 19618077

저자명 : 李東根 ,李聖鶴 ,李鍾洙 ,許善茂

학술지명 : 대한금속·재료학회지(Korean Journal of Metals and Materials)

권호사항 : Vol.39 No.12 [2001]

발행처 : 대한금속재료학회

발행처 URL : http://www.kim.or.kr

자료유형 : 학술저널

수록면 : 1406-1413(8쪽)

언어 : Korean

발행년도 : 2001년

KDC : 436

등재정보 : KCI등재

주제어 : Ti-6Al-4V alloy ,Widmanstatten structure ,Lamellar spacing ,Colony size ,Localized shear zone ,Dynamic torsion ,Adiabatic shear band

소장기관 :

  • 경운대학교 벽강중앙도서관
  • 영남대학교 과학도서관

제공처 : 유료 KISS

  • 다국어 초록 (Multilingual Abstract)
    • This study is concerned with the effects of microstructural parameters on the quasi-static tensile and dynamic torsional deformation behaviors in Ti-6Al-4V alloys with Widmansta¨tten structures. Dynamic torsional tests were conducted using a torsional Kolsky bar for five Widmansta¨tten structures, which effective grain sizes such as colony size and α lamellar spacing were varied by heat-treatments, and then the test data were analyzed in relation to microstructures, tensile properties, and fracture mode. Under dynamic torsional loading, maximum shear stress showed a large dependence on the colony size as the effective grain size, while shear strain at the maximum shear stress point was largely affected by both the α lamellar spacing and the colony size. Adiabatic shear bands were found in the deformed region of the fractured specimens, and their width was smallest in the specimen having the large α lamellar spacing and colony size. The possibility of the adiabatic shear band formation was quantitatively analyzed by the theoretical critical shear strain (γ_c) condition. It was found to be most likely in the coarse Widmanstatten structure, whereas least likely in the fine Widmanstatten structure.