Ti-6Al-4V 합금의 ECAP 가공에 미치는 가공조건과 초기조직의 영향 = Effects of Forming Conditions and Initial Microstructures on the Equal Channel Angular Pressing of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

제어번호 : 19618208

저자명 : 高永建 ,鄭元植 ,申東赫 ,李鍾洙

학술지명 : 대한금속·재료학회지(Korean Journal of Metals and Materials)

권호사항 : Vol.40 No.8 [2002]

발행처 : 대한금속재료학회

발행처 URL : http://www.kim.or.kr

자료유형 : 학술저널

수록면 : 839-845(7쪽)

언어 : Korean

발행년도 : 2002년

KDC : 436

등재정보 : KCI등재

주제어 : Equal channel angular pressing ,Ti-6Al-4V alloy ,Flow-localization parameter ,Flow softening

소장기관 :

  • 영남대학교 과학도서관

제공처 : 유료 KISS

  • 다국어 초록 (Multilingual Abstract)
    • The effects of pressing temperatures and initial microstructures on the formability during equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) of Ti-6Al-4V alloy were investigated in this study. ECAP above 600℃ was successful without producing any noticeable segments at the specimen surfaces after a single pass of pressing. Also, the equiaxed microstructure showed more uniform material flow at the surface than the Widmanstatten microstructure. However, this microstructural influence was diminished with the increase of the number of ECA pressing. A flow localization parameter that quantifies the flow non-uniformity was used to explain the microstructural effect.