Gamma- TiAl 금속간화합물의 완전층상조직에서 층상구조에 따른 피로 특성 = Effects of lamellar Structure on the fatigue crack propagation of the fully lamellar gamm-TiAl alloys

제어번호 : 3234150

저자명 : 최철 ,이종수 ,이용태

학술지명 : 대한금속·재료학회지(Korean Journal of Metals and Materials)

권호사항 : Vol.35 No.9 [1997]

발행처 : 대한금속재료학회(대한금속학회)

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자료유형 : 학술저널

수록면 : 1093-1101(9쪽)

언어 : Korean

발행년도 : 1997년

KDC : 436

등재정보 : KCI등재

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  • 고려대학교 중앙도서관
  • 서울대학교 중앙도서관
  • 영남대학교 과학도서관
  • 중앙대학교 서울캠퍼스 중앙도서관

제공처 : 유료 KISS

  • 다국어 초록 (Multilingual Abstract)
    • A study has been made to investigate the effects of colony size and lamellar spacing on the fatigue crack propagation behavior of the fully lamellar γ-TiAl alloys. The results show that the overall crack growth rates of the fully lamellar microstructure are not largely affected by the variation of the colony size, though its respective roles on the intrinsic and extrinsic nature are quite different. On the other hand, the lamellar spacing is proved to be the more important factor to control the fatigue resistance. The fine lamellar spacing microstructure represents superior fatigue crack growth resistance as compared to the coarse lamellar spacing microstructure, which is mainly attributed to the higher intrinsic nature of the microstructure as well as the higher extrinsic closure effects. The colony boundaries and the lamellar interface play an important role in retarding the advancing crack, serving as barriers for the dislocation movement and as sinks for dislocation pile-ups.