An Analysis of Security Threats and Security Requirements on the Designated PC Solution = 이용 PC 지정에 대한 보안위협 및 보안 요구사항 분석

제어번호 : 103148535

저자명 : Kyungroul Lee(이경률) ,Sun-Young Lee(이선영) ,Kangbin Yim(임강빈)

학술지명 : 韓國컴퓨터情報學會論文誌(Journal of the Korea society of computer and information)

권호사항 : Vol.22 No.5 [2017]

발행처 : 한국컴퓨터정보학회

발행처 URL :

자료유형 : 학술저널

수록면 : 29-39(11쪽)

언어 : Korean

발행년도 : 2017년

등재정보 : KCI등재

주제어 : Designated PC solution ,Security threat ,Security requirement ,Identification ,Device authentication ,User authentication

제공처 : 유료 DBpia

  • 다국어 초록 (Multilingual Abstract)
    • In this paper, we analyse security threats and security requirements about the designated PC solution which restricts usable PCs that are only an user own PCs or a registered PC for online banking or very important services. Accordingly, causable threats of the designated PC solution are classified a process, a network layer, a software module, and an environment of platform, and we draw security requirements based on analysed security threats. Results of this research are considered utilization of criteria for improving security of the designated PC solution and standards for giving hint of imposition of the designated PC solution.
  • 목차
    • Abstract
    • I. Introduction
    • II. Security Threats on the Designated PC Solution
    • III. Security Requirements on the Designated PC Solution
    • IV. Whole Model applying Security Requirements
    • V. Conclusions