Al-Li 8090 합금의 미세조직에 따른 피로성질의 이방성 연구 = Mechanical Behavior-: Effect of Microstructure on the Anisotropic Fatigue Properties of Al-Li 8090 Alloy

제어번호 : 3233974

저자명 : 이종수 ,박기종

학술지명 : 대한금속·재료학회지(Korean Journal of Metals and Materials)

권호사항 : Vol.34 No.10 [1996]

발행처 : 대한금속재료학회(대한금속학회)

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자료유형 : 학술저널

수록면 : 1305-1311(7쪽)

언어 : Korean

발행년도 : 1996년

KDC : 436

등재정보 : KCI등재

소장기관 :

  • 건국대학교 상허기념중앙도서관
  • 고려대학교 중앙도서관
  • 서울대학교 중앙도서관
  • 영남대학교 과학도서관
  • 중앙대학교 서울캠퍼스 중앙도서관

제공처 : 유료 KISS

  • 다국어 초록 (Multilingual Abstract)
    • In this study, microstructural influence on the anisotropic fatigue properties of Al-Li 8090 alloy has been investigated in relation to the intrinsic and extrinsic nature. For all three(L-T, T-S and S-T) orientations fatigue resistance of δ' microstructure was higher than that of S'+δ' microstructure, mainly due to the higher levels of crack closure in δ' microstructure. In the early stage of crack growth, fatigue resistance of -T and T-S specimens was considerably higher than that of S-T specimen. lntergranular delamination susceptible to occur in the S-T specimen was found to be responsible for the highest crack growth rate. However, overall fatigue properties of T-S specimen were estimated to be poor due to the frequent catastrophic fracture occurring in the direction of vertical intergranular boundaries. Fatigue resistance of S-T specimen was not largely affected by the introduction of S' phase in the δ' microstructure.